How to Spot a Psychopath


I found this video from the YouTube channel The Infographics Show very interesting. It states the 10 signs of psychopath. When I think about a psychopath, I usually think about a serial killer like Ted Bundy. According to this video, there psychopaths all amongst us, and you might not even know it. These are the ten signs of a psychopath that are listed in the video.

  1. Zero empathy
  2. Superficial charm
  3. Narcissism overload
  4. Constant and compulsive lying
  5. Highly intelligent
  6. No regrets
  7. Violence
  8. Reckless behavior
  9. OCD
  10. The “Psychopath factor”

It seems like quite a few of the leaders of our society’s government and industry could be considered psychos. When you think about what it takes to reach the top of industry, an individual with psychopathic tendencies would have an advantage. However, most psychopaths are typically spotted before they get to the top of their industry. You can only put on the fake charm for so long.

Are you a psychopath? Can you think of anyone you might know that fits this criteria?

Here’s a quiz you can take find out if you’re a psychopath.